The rally Tuesday night in Phoenix was most disturbing…45’s ranting and raving is becoming worse and worse!  It’s time to call him a liar and a racist!  
In a total eclipse of the facts, 45 misquoted his own words in the rally and has lied more than 1,000 times since elected.  Of course, he also lied about the size of the crowds: inside not so many and outside protesters numbered about 3500.  I heard many of his crowd inside started leaving.  He has lied his whole life and gotten away with it!  He likely will pardon Sheriff Arpaio…another proof of his abject condoning of racism.  It’s time we call the alt-right what they are, white supremacists!
It appears the Russian investigations are getting closer…and 45 might have been in collusion for many years!  Some of the longer testimonies may be released for our reading.
And  he is now trying to push the ‘trans’ ban with the military again. I didn’t think you could rule by tweet. Where are our checks and balances?
We have enough reasons to impeach him now!  https://www.counterpunch.org/2017/08/24/trumps-articles-of-impeachment-a-greatest-hits-collection/
And, will we ever stop the never-ending wars?  Lied about that too!  And we must keep this man from setting off our nuclear weapons.  Is winning anything more important than human life? https://www.counterpunch.org/2017/08/24/korea-afghanistan-and-the-never-ending-war-trap/
Keeping it short today!  Too many things to be angry about!

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