“Castles in the Air”…will we see normality again?

Ann Frank 1943

Back in 1943, Ann Frank was only 14 when she wrote this in her diary.  (SEE BOTTOM OF BLOG)  She would soon after be imprisoned where she sadly died a few months before the end of the war.

Coincidentally, my grandson is now 14 and I just passed a milestone birthday yesterday. I need to ask him if he knows who Ann Frank is and her story, and share it with him. We are  indeed living in very strange times, where I wonder if it will ever be normal again. Will our democracy even survive?


I remember thinking similar thoughts after 911, and then again after the elections in 2016.  It seemed like our world was altered forever, and not in a good way. It seems to be getting worse with a Constitutional battle happening because we have a President who seems to be testing the waters, and defying subpoenas and other legal means of obtaining information for important investigations. He is also buddies with many oligarchs, especially Putin, after it was proven that Russia interfered in our last election.  Will they attempt to again?  We haven’t taken steps to stop them.


In literal ways we are still at war although it isn’t often talked about in the media. We are still losing young soldier’s  lives to a pointless, endless battle in Afghanistan, the longest war in our history.  Through my life, America has almost always been at war.  Will we ever learn to live in peace, and concentrate on fixing global problems like climate, poverty and disaster mitigation?

Do we have a plan or hope for after the war is over?   Did Bush ever have a plan as to what it meant to get in and out of war when we entered in 2001?


Now we have a leader that promotes and incites violence and intolerance.  Hate crimes are up. increasing by 17% from 2016 to 2017.  Today hate has reared its ugly head again with another shooting at a synagogue in California.

This is horrible and intolerable!  Our country was built on freedom of religion.  We need to accept and allow others to worship as they wish.  We need to teach diversity in schools and at workplaces. We need to have leaders who do not condone these actions, nor promote them.  We need to continue to look at strengthening our gun laws, and helping people with mental conditions get the help they need.


Will we continue to just dream  of ‘castles in the air’ or can we turn our country around?

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