If you love chocolate like I do,  please take time to read my cliff notes from book “The Healing Powers of Chocolate” (Cal Orey)

A good way to start THE NEW YEAR in a healthy way with the power of chocolate!  You may order Xocai healthy chocolate

from me!  No sugar and diabetic friendly too.

    Did you know that (dark) chocolate can do these things?

        * lower risk of heart disease and cancer

        * enhance your immunity

        * slows aging and adds years to your life

        * curbs appetite and fights fat

        * contains same phenols as in green tea, red wine, fruits and vegies

        * starves off diabetes

    The Mayans, 4000 years ago called it the “food of Gods’ (Greek – theobroma)

    It is a super food containing these ingredients,  explained:

        1. Catechin – powerful polyphenol

        2. Epicatechin – smaller flavonal, staves off hear disease and diabetes

        3. Flavonoids – fights virus, allergies, inflammation and cholesterol

        4. Proanthocyanidin – flavonals in 70% cocoa or higher

        5. Resveratrol – anti-cancer protection

        6. Tannins- Nutrients help protect plaque in your arteries

Ingredients mixed with cocoa can be problematic as well as in its processing. The higher the percentage of pure cocoa the better, but it is more bitter and you must acquire a taste for it.  Once you go dark chocolate though, you’ll never go back!

The Xocai chocolate I eat and sell, does not have the same processing and ingredients as that sold in the stores.  And it is the best out there, the highest in antioxidants, and really helps with health, plus the best tasting!  If you want more info, contact me. It is truly an amazing food!  It will put a smile on your face!

                        “The greatest tragedies were written by the Greek Sophocles and

                        English Shakespeare. Neither knew chocolate”.    Sandra Boynton

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