For the many thousands that attended the Women’s Marches last year around the world, you remember what an incredible experience it was!   The pink hats, the signs, the costumes and the energy was so powerful!     Many photos from around the world have been captured in magazines  (like MS.) and one book that I found ,  Why I March, images from the women’s march around the world.

So are you ready for year two’s march?  On January 20, 2018 women will march again!  In Denver, we will begin at Civic Center Park at 9:30 in the morning and have many speakers, plus the march until 3 p.m.  Our website is   There are sister marches all over Colorado and the nation, so check Facebook for details on a location near you. And don’t forget to order your T-shirt NOW so it will be here in time:    Be sure to don your pink hats again (I have been super busy making them all year and still am!…see my Artfully Stitched page or contact me).

We are encouraging women to make positive signs…we want to carry forth a good message, not just be in opposition to what has happened this year (and a lot has happened; more than we expected a year ago).  We marching women are an inter-sectional network of activists for social justice, human rights, and equality for women and all marginalized people across our nation.  The march is led by women and welcoming to all, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, ability or sexual orientation.  Women are committed to dismantling systems of oppression through non violent resistance and building inclusivity and equality guided by self-determination, dignity and respect. We are more powerful together!  #whyIMarch

Women are running in many elections in 2018 from county to governor…over 20,000 of them!  We want to encourage women to get out and vote in 2018 and for each of us to encourage others to do so as well. March to the polls!  #March2thePolls

2017 found more women speaking up about sexual harassment in larger numbers than ever. before  They found safety in numbers and many men have had to step down from powerful positions because we spoke up!  Hopefully it will lead to better legislation, to awareness of the issue that is century’s old, and to environments where people feel much safer.  March for all of us who are part of the ME Too movement!

As women we are powerful within ourselves and have the ability to bring empathy and compassion to the world.  Stand together for education, empowerment, connection and engagement.  Support one another. Vote for good women!  Run for office. Be involved!  Speak up!   March together in solidarity!  Go ladies go!

Note: In Colorado Jan 8 is the last day to register your party affiliation to take part in the Caucus process that starts in March….leading to the primary elections this summer.

Quote: “Social change is brought about by those who dare and act, who can think unconventionally, and who can court unpopularity.”  Indira Gandhi

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