My Own ‘I have a Dream’ list

Since we’ve been commemorating Martin Luther King this past week, women marched for the third year in a row on Saturday, and the madness in the White House continues, I decided to come up with my own “I have a Dream List”:


….Government workers return to work asap and that they (and contractors) receive back pay

….families will be reunited and no more will be separated at the border

….Medicare-for-all becomes our country’s health system

….we close income inequality; go back to 70-90% top tax bracket for millionaires and billionaires   (after hearing that 26 people made more than 50% of the world combined); that the middle class will prosper

….we can breathe fresh clean air and have clear drinking water

….we can promote clean energy and stop using fossil fuels

…..we wake up to prevent further climate change for future generations

…our children and grandchildren receive excellent education in a public school system which includes historical and scientific facts, and critical thinking (including learning to write in cursive)

…every citizen can vote with no gerrymandering, no suppression, and a written trail; perhaps Saturday election day and early voting by mail

…the Electoral College is eliminated and the national popular vote elects the victor

…all men and women are given equal rights

…we adopt safe legislation for gun ownership, banning assault weapons in particular, require background checks, and do not let those who are mentally unstable have access to weapons

…student debt loans can be eliminated, or at minimal reduced to a 0 % interest

…we return to whole foods and remove GMO’s, artificial ingredients, and pesticides from our food and personal products

… a phenomenal empathetic woman become President in 2020 or sooner!

…lest I forget….that the current President, his family and other cohorts are all led out in orange jumpsuits in tiny handcuffs!  (sooner than later)

I am sure I missed something. I’d like to hear your add-ons!

Please visit my FB page, Knitting Locally for Global Causes, where I am posting ways you can help the govt. workers who need our help during the shutdown.

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