Whether you like this administration or not, most of us can agree that scientific research is necessary and beneficial to us.  Most of us believe in scientific facts, and most of us would like to see new discoveries that could help us improve our health, climate, and much more.   Agreed?


Did you know that USDA scientists help develop and bring America and our troops penicillin in the 1940’s? Did you know that in April, scientists uncovered that levels of carbon dioxide (climate change) affects the protein content in the grasses that our cattle eat?   And that coffee was found to help mitigate problems with weeds and insects?   And did you know that over 600 million people get half of their daily protein from their diet of rice, and that scientists found that the C02 rising causes rice to lose its vitamins?  These are just a few things that our world-class USDA scientists have found.


Why didn’t we know this?  We paid for it…these are government employees. We are in the dark because this administration is blocking us from learning about these things.   They don’t believe in science or climate change, so why should we research it or know what data has been uncovered to help mitigate it? You can read more about their policy  in this article:,


Not only do they want to keep information from us, this administration also wants to stop the research and systematically dismantle the USDA.  That is part of their plan to get rid of many agencies so that corporations and the ‘dictator’ can make the policies and take the money while keeping us from knowing what is truly going on.  You’ve seen agency positions not filled, people not replaced and the negative rhetoric putting down government employees.  It’s basically a Libertarian ploy, where only the military is left.


For fun, a bit of history. In 1862, President Lincoln created the USDA. In 2007, Sonny Perdue, who was formerly the Governor of Georgia, was appointed to be Secretary of the USDA.   He was also a veterinarian and businessman. In 2008, a new Office of Chief Scientist was created due to an ACT that passed after President Bush vetoed it. You can read more about it here.    The USDA employs about 100,000 people covering all states and about 30 agencies.


Now this administration has decided to move hundreds of USDA jobs out of DC.  Those who refuse to relocate, will lose their jobs, and that includes many climate scientists.  Quoting from the Washington Post, “The Agriculture Department is offering employees a rare choice: accept a forced transfer to a post 1,000 miles away or be fired.

The Trump administration’s plan to move two agencies from the District to the Kansas City area includes a document with two blank boxes on it, sent to employees on June 13. Check one, it instructs: Accept the transfer by July 15 or “be separated by adverse action procedures.”


Here are two other articles that speak of this:

This is happening at a time when many places are seeing record temperatures and there are warnings that we have little time to med our ways before we destroy our planet!  The EPA has also been making horrific decisions about climate instead of combating the crisis we have at hand reversing much of the progress that President Obama had made in this area.   Trump is also planning to cut budgets in renewable energy when the US could become a world class manufacturer.  His tactics always astound me since he always likes to be #1 but does the opposite.


Also, I wonder why this is a partisan issue when we all drink water, breathe air, and eat food.   We all want to see less wildfires, floods, etc. don’t we? It seems to me that we would want it to be the safest possible environment for everyone?  That we would want to do research to improve our lives and solve our pending issues?  I don’t think I am missing the point…which takes me to my next blog on the rise of fascism.


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  1. thanks Sandy – I sure learned a bunch from reading your blog.
    This administration will go down in history as one who harmed
    the environment and everything and everyone in it.

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