Super Bowl Commentary

It’s that weekend again!  Super Bowl …literally a time when people gather together  for an excuse to pig out on hot wings (millions) and chip/dip and cheer on their team who kicked, passed and possibly deflated their way to the biggest game of the year.  And of course watch million dollar advertisements that more can recall than who their Congressperson or Senator is.  And  I feel sorry for the millions of chickens who gave up their lives for this feast!  Pass the carrots and spinach please.

In my younger years I watched more sports, and even hosted a couple of Super Bowl Parties.  Since then, I have become disillusioned by the over-abundance of sports for many reasons and rarely watch them.   The country practically shuts down for these big for-profit events.    First, many of our athletes have become superheroes to our children, and yet many fall short committing crimes and misdemeanors.   Also, they are grossly overpaid in my estimation for a short-duration career.  And we don’t pay our teachers enough for a much more important and time-consuming job!   Sure the games bring in revenue for teams, retailers, and food vendors, not to mention the team owners.   Most of the food consumed during the football season is very unhealthy and encourages eating and drinking more when Americans are already suffering from over -indulgence and disease often caused by junk food.

Don’t get me wrong, I think exercise is good, getting together with friends is great, and breaking bread together is fine.  Rooting for your team is patriotic.    But these big finger-lickin’, bottle-chuggin’ events have become an obsession and an excuse to overindulge.   I would rather see  all of that energy channeled into common good for addressing more important issues  like our  climate crisis, fracking, and getting money out of politics.  How often do you see so many at a march, rally or spiritual event?  And just think we might be able to pay down the student or national debt with the amount of money spent on sports apparel and BBQ wings. I’d at least be satisfied if people did both…super-sized their efforts in   community involvement and sports.

Just my opinion.  (Maybe I should go on 60 Minutes?)  I know many of you may disagree and this might get some comments. Hike!

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