I won’t lie; it hasn’t been the easiest week so far and I hope it doesn’t worsen.  It’s becoming harder to be home all of the time in many ways, and on the other hand I am so used to it feeling like a safe refuge that sometimes I feel uneasy leaving it.  Will I catch the bug when I’m out?   The other day I ran to pick up meds for my cats and upon coming home I began to tear up knowing I would be there for many days again. I can’t see the mountains from my home and it’s nice to see the snow-capped peaks.   I am used to going out most every day, for more than just the mail, and now I am at home almost every day alone.  My cats are good company but they don’t have much to say! And when you do go out, you have to be cautious about being around others, wearing your mask, and avoiding things you would normally take for granted.  It’s a new way of being…hopefully not for too long!

Humor is the best medicine and I seek it out frequently…whether it be a joke, a comedian on TV, or the late-night shows.  I enjoyed Jim Gaffigan’s show the other night and the ladies of comedy on Showtime. Yet sometimes I feel guilty about laughing when there is so much pain and suffering out there.  Have you seen the lines of people waiting to just get boxes of food?  The refrigerated containers storing someone’s loved ones?

As time ticks on since the pandemic began, you hear more stories of people who have contracted the virus, realize you know people who have it or have died now.    It’s scary when friends get sick, and then don’t know if they have it or not. One luckily tested negative and was lucky to get a test!    My grandson may have it, but they won’t test him, but he has pneumonia and already been sick three weeks.  I know others who have had it and recovered so that makes me more hopeful.

Then there’s the constant news.  News that can bring you to tears every day. You feel helpless. You want to help, but there is only so much you can do. For the moment, that might just be staying inside. I’ve been making masks.   The other side of that coin, is the anger at the mismanagement of this crisis. Other countries have taken more proactive steps and had less severe outcomes.  And now the silly protests by people who claim their rights to work are being taken away and that we need to open up the state. What about everyone’s right to live?  I know it’s tough to face no paycheck, but how much help will you be to your family if you are dead and infected others? It’s ridiculous that this President is pitting people against each other even more than they were before when it should be a time to help one another!

Every afternoon we have to interrupt regular television viewing for another free campaign rant.  We learn very little, and he wastes our time rambling on about nothing usually.  I turn the channel or even turn off the TV.  I think they could minimize this to once a week at the most. Gov. Cuomo, on the other hand, offers some numbers and some empathy and advice for the situation. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=chris+cuomo+opens+up+his+fight+against+covid-19

 The women running many countries have done an outstanding job, and their numbers prove it! Our own Gov. Polis, in Colorado, also has done a fairly good job by quarantining us and now mandating face masks, although people are too quickly promoting opening their businesses in just one week and I am not sure that is a good idea. Certainly,  we want to go back to having our hair done (sure needs it), getting our regular checkups, dining out with friends, and shopping, but do we want to risk getting sick and infecting more of our family and communities when we haven’t been tested or brought the numbers down yet?  I think it could be premature.  Yet it does make one optimistic to see some goals of dates we may get back to more normalcy in the future, especially as my birthday week is upon me and I will not be doing my usual celebrations with many.  To me, it’s always good to have things to look forward to doing on my calendar.  The best gift is my grandson’s health improving and hoping to see him in a couple of weeks.

Hope your week goes well and that you remain well!



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