Pink Pussy hats and grabbers plus Moore

 Women are running for office and winning!  Congratulations to those who won recently and good luck to those running next year! Since the women’s march, women are speaking up, standing up and many are running for office!   Nationally we have about 20,000 women running in 2017-2018.  Could we finally be seeing the end of 3000 years of patriarchy?  Women outnumber men, are more empathetic and less violent…this is our time to shine!

Another phenomenon is that women are sharing their stories of sexual harassment and many famous men are implicated.  The ‘me too’ movement is huge. Almost every woman has experienced some form of sexism whether it be a rude comment, touching, jokes, or worse in their lifetime. Personally, I can understand why these women did not come forward for many years as I experienced some similar (and worse) actions by men in my teen years. It is very difficult for women to come forward. It is embarrassing and you don’t know if you will be blamed and ostracized. It is still so pervasive and some of these men are blaming the women and saying they are the ones who should be charged, not the perpetrators!  Seriously?

Brave women are exposing these men (instead of men exposing themselves!) and their unwelcome actions.  Sexism has been around for centuries and women played cultural roles that have now changed quite a bit.  Much began to change with the feminist movement and with more women working outside the home since World War 2.  With that, sexual harassment has a new outlet. The old stereotypes of women on casting couches and rising in companies because they slept their way there remain.  Every workplace should require sexual harassment training as many people don’t truly understand the implications and the law.  I took an entire college class on it many years ago and it is worth learning about.  I support Paul Ryan (did I say that?) in his effort to mandate Congress to undergo training; it should be required for every business!

It’s too bad we have an admitted sexual predator in the White House as it sets the tone from the top down.  He actually admitted to going into dressing rooms as well as to grabbing women’s private parts!    The controversial Roy Moore in Alabama may still get elected despite the news of his past with very young women; Alabama has a very poor record in this area and many put political name above ethics apparently!  Unfortunately, some of these same women who are coming forward about Roy actually voted for this President!  Ladies, we have to do better than that!  Don’t vote in known perpetrators in either party!

Remember the days when candidates were ousted from running for sexual indiscretions?  Both parties are at fault and several candidates could not run for office once their actions came to light.  And what outcry there would be had Obama did any of these things!  We don’t have a good role model at the top and if he were not who he is, he might be imprisoned. Male leaders who step forward to denounce these men’s actions is one way to help stop this!  Too many have hidden and covered up these crimes for years.  We must educate, prosecute and support those who are willing to come forward to talk about their experiences. Women must not vote for or support men who do not respect them!

Finally, whether you believe in astrology or not, it is interesting to note that Jupiter is in Scorpio right now until November 2018.  This is a time where secrets are uncovered and taboos are brought to light…. sexual predators will be shown to us and other political crimes will be unveiled. And the analogies the GOP are making are entirely ludicrous.  Since when is the Holy Family a scapegoat for child molestation?  Now is time for a serious discussion and educating everyone about sexism, harassment and legal ramifications to prevent further sexual assaults in our culture.

Some references to recent events:

“Colorado House Speaker Crisanta Duran removed state Rep. Steve Lebsock as chairman of the Local Government Committee on Friday. It followed a report of Lebsock making unwanted sexual advances toward a fellow Democrat, Rep. Faith Winter, in 2016. There is no place in our community—not in our newsrooms, our schools, and certainly not our capitol—for acts of sexual and other physical violence against women, nor should we allow a pervasive culture rooted in misogyny and institutionalized inequality to continue to thrive.”

“A former colleague of GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore said Saturday that it was “common knowledge” that the Alabama Republican dated high school girls when he worked in the Etowah County District Attorney’s Office in the 1980s.”

*Why are pedophiles preferred?

ANNOUNCEMENT!  Women will march again at least here in Colorado Jan. 20!.  We are uncertain if it will be national at this point. Nevertheless, we persist with plans!  If you need a pink hat for the march (or holiday gifts) let me know ($19.95) and pink hat resist pins ($3).  I also just designed some mini pink hats for ornaments….order EARLY ($3.95) as I have a very busy holiday season. Various shades of pink, either knit or crocheted, with or without actual ears to choose from. (see my Artfully Stitched page here or on Facebook).


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