Rain falls outdoors, like tears during this weekend when we Stop and Remember. 

Thousands of  lives that have been lost while many of us have just been holed up at home.

Those days we spent with friends and family earlier this year, even hugging them.

The frontline workers and healthcare professionals who have put their lives on the line to serve us with food, delivery, health needs, mail delivery, and transportation.

The teachers who prepared lessons from home and helped our children make the best of this school year, and the many who were able to graduate because of their efforts.

The lives that were lost in all of the senseless wars (yes, I am a pacifist).

The loved ones that we’ve lost over the years and the contributions they made to who we are now.

All of the money we’ve NOT spent out shopping and attending sporting/entertainment events.

The newfound hobbies and crafts that we’ve mastered while stuck at home.

The items we have around us that no longer serve us…to gently give them away or donate them asap.

The shorter hair we had months ago and the color it once was (unless you are one of those who have made it to the salon already).

The weight we used to be before we began baking and eating snacks.

The toilet paper and sanitizers that used to be plentiful on the shelves and now are considered precious commodities.

When you used to smile at people when you walked by?  Now you dodge them and they can’t see your expression behind your mask.

When you used to have a long list of movies to watch someday on Netflix.

Remember to not forget.

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