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“ Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor. It’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living”    Peter Walsh

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Sandy’s Organizing Services

** Sandy will discuss your needs over the phone, or come to visit for 1 hour to assess the time it will take to work through your clutter. ($20 initial consultation)

** Sandy will help you develop a contact/resource list of your personal/business contacts into an alphabetical Excel Spreadsheet.  (Hourly cost to prepare)

** Sandy will help you set up a color-coded filing system for all your paperwork. Makes tax time a snap!


** Blocks of hours can be purchased, with discounts for more time.  She will have you sign a mutual agreement and go over expectations/homework each visit.


  1. Everything has a specific home

  2. Put things back every time

  3. Set limits- if you bring in something new, something old goes!

  4. Contain items as much as possible.

  5. Small steps equal large gains – just start somewhere

  6. Keep at least one small spot organized at all times

  7. Do it NOW! Tomorrow is not guaranteed

  8. Follow through completely – don’t leave a project partially done.

  9. Reward yourself when you finish something.

Make adjustments. Nothing will stay organized forever. Our interests change over time. Make room for the new but clear out the old.



10. When you open your closet, you have to duck & cover.
9. You can’t find your car keys, your wallet, or your underwear.
8. You are wanted for tax evasion, since you cannot find your paperwork (maybe stuffed in
Prada shoe boxes?)
7. Your neighbors think your house is haunted as it is constantly dark with the drapes closed.
(where is the electric bill hiding?)
6. If you had an emergency and had to leave quickly, you would not know where to find
important documents, your flashlight, or the way out.
5. You are embarrassed to have friends drop by; there is no place to seat them.
4. Your filing system consists of piles on every surface in your home.
3. You buy unnecessary items because you can’t find the ones you already have.
2. Your car doubles as a combo closet/filing system with no room for passengers.
1. There is no room for your mate to sleep in your bed as it is piled with clothing, etc.

Time to call in some help to eliminate, consolidate and simplify!

There is more to organizing than dealing with physical stuff.. includes relationships and more!


9 Essential Steps For Successful Relationship Boundaries from Dorothy the Organizer’s newsletter.

  1. Listen to your intuition (you know, that little inner voice).

  2. Clearly understand the difference between thoughtful kind feedback and manipulation by others.

  3. Do whatever it takes to create your own interests for yourself.

  4. Learn to feel “whole and complete” on your own – not depending on others.

  5. You and only you are responsible for how your life is now and how it will be in the future.

  6. Learn to VOICE your needs!

  7. Face Your Stuff — even if it’s difficult.  Don’t turn your head the other way.

  8. Only engage with others when they show respect for your feelings and opinions.

  9. Reward others ONLY when they are kind and appreciative toward you.

How did Sandy get involved in Organizing?

People often recognized Sandy’s organizational skills, so her curiosity was picqued by an article in a 2000 newsletter announcing a growing trend of people helpingpeople to get organized. Voila’ a new professional organizer was born!  Before working with clients, she attended conferences, classes, and read books.Then she began helping to organize homes/businesses via referrals from friends and colleagues. She incorporates feng shui too believing that clearing your space allows energy to flow more freely and that free space allows new things to enter your life. If you are feeling stuck, perhaps there is something you need to release or remove?

It is easy to be sentimental about our stuff, especially if it was given to us by someone we love, or we

hang onto things that we no longer use.  Perhaps our hobbies have changed or we have outgrown an item.

Rule of thumb: do you love it?  use it?  have you worn it in the past year, or would someone else get

pleasure from having it?   Take a photo to remember it and then pay it forward.

Sandy’s specialty is paperwork (what, we are not paperless yet?).   Her favorite filing system is

File Solutions® which is a detailed, color-coded system that works wonderfully to  organize all of your

important paperwork.  You can get a system from her and set it up yourself, or she can help you

incorporate your existing files into the new system.  It really makes tax time a snap! You can put your

hands on what you need when you need it, and can file receipts and paperwork daily to keep the

counter and desk tops clear.

Sandy’s fees are based on the job after meeting with you. The rates go down the bigger and longer

the job will take.  She always provides homework for you to do as well!

Please find more tips and resources on her matching Facebook page as well is on the blog. If you are

in need of her services, be it paper, or closets, or the kitchen, please go to the contact page to contact her!

 Don’t procrastinate, put energy into your life today!



 BOOK CORNER:  Books that may help

What your Clutter is Trying to Tell you  by Kerri L. Richardson .  She dives deep into the psychological reasons to find the messages in the mess.  And her latest book:

From Clutter to Clarity: Clean Up Your Mindset to Clear Out Your Clutter

Stuffocation: Why We’ve Had Enough of Stuff and Need Experience More Than Ever

by James Wallman

James Wallman believes that “we need to discard our materialist values and replace them with experientialist ones,” and he provides convincing evidence that the shift from status-seeking toward a pared-down, minimalist life is well underway. He compares materialism to the obesity epidemic: too much stuff is causing millions to feel overwhelmed and suffocated.Stuffocation: Why We’ve Had Enough of Stuff and Need Experience More Than Ever opens with a wealthy businessman who decided to place his belongings into boxes and bags to see what he truly needed throughout the course of 21 days. He discovered that “stuff” had become a distraction from the goals that bring lasting happiness: health and satisfying relationships. He is not alone; nearly half of the people surveyed in more than 50 countries are becoming “post-materialists,” due to “stable upbringing[s], the stress of stuff, [concern for the] environment, the aging population, the growing population, the rise of the middle class, the move to cities, a lack of belief in the system, knowing that experiences are more likely to make us happier, the rise in costs and the switch to digital.”Wallman recognizes that in this age of social media, experiences must be sought for intrinsic satisfaction, not extrinsic FOMO (fear of missing out) or to impress Facebook friends. He believes experiences “hold up” better over time and contribute to happiness because they can be positively reinterpreted, do not grow stale, are hard to compare, contribute to our identity and bring us closer to other people. —Kristen Galles from Book Club Classics

Discover: How humans become materialistic, and action plans for becoming less “stuffocated” and more experiential.


“People who are organized are just too lazy to look for things!”

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