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Fresh, Clean and Natural Organic Skin care, bath luxuries and mineral makeup! Handmade in the USA!  more natural than ever!

There’s always an occasion for some spa products, whether it be for personal use or a gift.  We have seasonal scents and a wonderful mineral makeup line as well, and personal care products for the entire family from babies, to men and teens as well. Consider hosting a party to soak and relax while sniffing the wonderful scents that Lemongrass offers. Your friends will appreciate your hospitality and a night out!

You may also order online and have gifts shipped right to the lucky recipient!  Check out my Facebook page for specials and updates. Consultants and hostesses receive bonuses for hosting a party or joining me as a consultant! And let me know if you wish to be on my email list for product updates.

New scents and products all of the time!   Some for spring and fall. 

New Makeup shades & skincare: Lightening serum, Vitamin C serum, Organic anti aging oil serum, masks, charcoal products, and firming cream (for the whole body)

Products for men and babies as well!

Hair product line for shiny hair!

Two sizes Hair spray, one for travel!

New Hair products (now in two scents)and a hair mask too. I love the hairspray!

FIRMING BODY BUTTER…smells great and firms your skin all over!

HOLIDAYS AT LEMONGRASS SPA!   We have lovely soaps, lotions and gift packages for holiday giving, many in colorful organza bags. You can order and have it delivered to the recipient directly. Stock up for the whole family.

Yummy organic Lip Balms for the whole family!


Lemongrass Spa has a full line of mineral based  make up including  many shades of eye makeup, mascara, dry and wet makeup, brow pomades and many nice brushes.


Why switch to Sheer Mineral Makeup

Calm Foot cream with magnesium, in lavender and peppermint scents

   HEALING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY!   We have several healing balms, and gift sets for those who are hospitalized or going through tough times…and our bug-a-boo for summer!


Treat Dad/Hubby to a natural healthy gift!

  Created with his daily routine in mind, the Clean Slate  (cedarwood and bay rum) features a certified organic essential oil blend of fresh spruce, birch and sandalwood.   


Check them out! The skin is far and away the largest organ of the human body. What you might not realize about your skin is that it is literally a microbiologic zoo, housing hundreds of different bacteria, many very beneficial and a few which can ruin your appearance or have destructive health consequences.

Prebiotic Body wash - cleans & softens!

Prebiotic Body wash – cleans & softens!

If you are interested in healthy skin, you must understand that the friendly bacteria living on your skin are not disease causing. They are actually an integral part of you. The truth is that we are a mix of human cells and microorganisms, i.e. friendly bacteria that lives on our skin and provides important health promoting functions.

Unfortunately, living among the large populations of friendly bacteria, there can also be quite diverse and vibrant colonies of unhealthy bacteria. These unhealthy bacteria are different genetically from the friendly bacteria, and the relative strength of the various friendly versus unfriendly bacteria colonies determines the health and appearance of our skin.

Enter Lemongrass Spa Products’ Prebiotic Body Wash, which is an alkaloid-based biostimulant that feeds a wide variety of friendly microorganisms on the skin. Mark Hesseling, Product Development Manager at Lemongrass Spa Products, created a similar product years ago when he was in the environmental sciences industry. He learned how to manipulate bacteria to make it resilient to chemicals. Some of his coworkers used his concoction on their skin and started noticing incredible healing from dryness and skin issues.

Mark said, “This 100% natural, organic, ‘friendly bacteria’ food source causes healthy bacteria to go into a feeding frenzy, resulting in much higher activity levels of normal, friendly bacteria. Over a very short period of time, the healthy bacteria will completely overwhelm any harmful bacteria, virtually eliminating skin disorders of many types.”

According to Mark, the ingredients, including sea kelp, help balance the pH of the skin and act as emollients. The wash works in a positive manner with the body’s biosystem to aid in skin restoration and include natural healing agents, which expedite the recovery and repair of skin from blemishes, scars and wounds.

“Using Lemongrass Spa Prebiotic Body Wash over a period of weeks, the microbial population of those skin areas will dramatically shift. When the body is a less desirable host for skin conditions to manifest, survive and thrive, those skin blemishes and diseases will disappear. I’ve seen some remarkable results from clients who suffered from dry, itchy and unsightly skin who are now raving about how soft and healthy their skin has become. In fact, many people use the wash instead of shampoo as part of their daily routine because of how moisturizing it can be,” he said.

Lavender- great for all skin ailments!

 Lemongrass Spa now offers a line of Essential Oils & Diffusers  


A few of our popular oils:  Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Geranium, Frankincense and more.


Learn to make your own products using our organic oils. Contact me for more information.

We now feature  an oil of the month on special.

Freedom Feet Campaign

#FreedomFeet Please join us for our  Annual Freedom Feet Campaign or any time during the year. Our goal this year is to send 2,000 Freedom Feet Cucumber Foot Kits to service members serving on foreign soil.

Pamper a service person overseas! and get one for you too!

Pamper a service person overseas! and get one for you too!

  Check out my Lemongrass site to order or contact me. www.OurLemongrassSpa.com/homespalady


Check the safety of any product you use, by visiting ewg.org/skin deep.  Also, see the list below of ingredients to avoid. Please read labels on all your products including food, and the more your recognize, like shea butter, the better.


After just one foot soak, Sandy was sold on the Spa concept and was anxious to share Lemongrass products with everyone. She signed up in 2006 because she loved the natural, organic products and thought everyone else would as well!   
The company  has grown in size and product line nearing 20 years. It began in Heidi Leist’s basement with a few products that she created, and now it has gone national, and the main  distribution center is now in Florida.  Many products are also gluten-free (we have lists if you have sensitivities).
Women get so busy that they forget to take care of themselves! Please consider hosting a spa party at your home (or Sandy will host for you) to treat your friends to a foot soak and some pampering, as well as some beverages and snacks. While relaxing, learn and sniff the product line! Hostesses receive credit toward products too.
Make birthdays, showers, or any occasion better with Lemongrass Spa products!   Check out Sandy’s website for holiday specials…you can order and have it shipped to yourself or someone anywhere in the USA.  Host a party, invite some friends, and earn free products too!  ALSO, AVAILABLE FUNDRAISER PARTIES.
Lemongrass ladies also love charities. The company began a special program several years ago called   ‘Freedom Feet’ inspired by Lemongrass women selling/serving in the military. You may purchase a foot care kit for a female soldier and the home office will ship it to a soldier whose hot-booted feet are much appreciative!
Also, if you are looking to earn some extra cash, it is an awesome company to join and Sandy will be happy to share it with you. Please send a note via the contact page if you would like more information on hosting, products, or becoming a consultant. You can purchase directly from my site:

Links: www.OurLemongrassSpa.com/homespalady

Facebook: Lemongrass Spa-homespalady


  Top Ten Ingredients to Avoid in Cosmetics

A Buyers Guide to healthier living for your entire family!

1. Parabens or any ingredient ending in–‘paraben’Hormone
disruptor, has been found in breast cancer cells Prevalentin lotion, shampoo, shaving cream, sunscreen, makeup
& baby wash.

2. Mineral Oil – Byproduct of the petroleum industry, clogs pores, not
beneficial for skin.

3. Methylcloroisothiazolinone Allergens, harmful to nervous system ‘PEG’ an items ending in‘-­‐eth’,

4. TEA (triethanolamine) and 1,4 dioxane  Allergens, toxic contaminants, linked to cancer Prevalent
in shampoo, hair spray, skin crème, sunscreen, baby soap.

5. Sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate  Skin damage or reactions, toxic contaminants   Found in shampoo, hair
detanglers, body sprays, lotion &  liquid soap.

6. Triclosan and triclocarban  Damage to environment; thyroid disruptor, skin irritation & dryness  Prevalent
in antibacterial soap and hand sanitizers

7. Fragrances that are not specifically marked ‘phthalate-­‐free’
Many fragrances contain formaldehyde and phthalates; companies have a choice to use safer
fragrances that do not contain these toxins.   (essential oils are best)   Best not to use cologne, room sprays, etc.

8. Formaldehyde and ammonia; diaminobenzene   Toxic to humans! Often found in nail polish,
nail polish remover, hair dyes and some perfume.

9. Oxybenzone and cinnamates   May damage cell protein and DNA and disrupt hormones.  Found in a
variety of sunscreen lotions and sunscreen spray, marketed especially for use on children.

10. Glycolic, AHA and BHA acids   Causes increased photosensitivity, irritation, redness and possible permanent
damage.  Prevalent in trendy anti-­‐aging crèmes, serums and peels. Use in moderation or not at all.

11. Also, Propylene Glycol (PG) – I have seen it in many bakery products at Kings!  yikes, it is an antifreeze!

12. Others: Butylene Glycol, DEA, MEA, Sodium Hydroxid, Luitane or propane, alcohol isopropyl, FD&C colors
• Check the label before you buy it!
• Use fewer, simpler products to avoid
unnecessary toxins to enter your body.
• Just because it is labeled ‘organic’, ‘gentle’, or
‘safe’, does not always mean it is.

Buy Lemongrass Spa products or other safe ones!

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  1. Thank you, Sandy, for this helpful information! I’ll pass it along. And thank you for promoting Lemongrass products; I’ll be ordering my face lotion and eye cream again.

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