It’s Up to Us!!

I am currently working on a book, so watch this space for future announcements and news!


  1. I read your article on retirement.
    I could have written it myself.
    I’ve been retired 2 years after owning a vibrant business for 35 years.
    I retired young. And… I’m kinda lost…
    If nothing else, I was comforted to know my sense of loss of importance, duty, responsibility and tremendously decreased social life… and the melancholy is ‘normal’.
    Thank you so much! Mary Simms

    • Thank you Mary! I hope you are finding new outlets for your talents! I am so busy now, the saying “when did I have time to work” hits home! There are many volunteer opportunities and new ways to use and share your skills. I am sure you will enjoy the journey of finding what best suits you….even a new part time job possibly. I work for myself now making crafts and selling natural items as you can see on my website. Best wishes!

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