iHeRQles – Age Reversal

If you had the chance to improve your health overall, and to reverse your biological age and feel more energetic and youthful, would you want to learn about it?  Would you like to  learn about something simple that could help you with improving your overall health while looking younger?

I just signed up Sept 25, 2021 to try iHeRQles for anti aging.  This is an herbal solution that has been in development for 30 years using quantum science.  It is made solely from 40 organic herbs/plants, which promote great cellular health.  The main secret to longevity is in your Telomeres. These are the ends of your chromosomes that protect the DNA in your cells.  Over time these ends get shorter causing cells to stop dividing and dying which causes aging.

Did you know that inflammation is the main cause of most diseases that are rampant in the U.S.?  Antioxidants are compounds that are found in many foods and herbs (not fast food) and help with inflammation.  Nu Xtrax, the company that makes iHeRQles (TM) uses a new technology called PEC (Partial extract combinations) that isolates and extracts the beneficial ingredients that make up the formula found in iHeRQles(tm).  I can provide you the list of ingredients and many will be familiar to you like basil, sage, turmeric, celery. There are NO toxic synthetics or man-made chemicals and potentially no allergic reactions. It has little to no allergy or drug interactions or reactions and is safe for those 1 to 101 years of age, including pets!

We live in a toxic environment. Many nutrients are missing from our diets, and some of our diets aren’t that great.  Nu Xtrax, tested over 1500 people, over 5 years and documented the length of their telomeres, and most tested saw their physical age shrink from 5-23 years.

iHeRQles ™ is the only biological age reversal product of its kind in the world. It is as simple as spraying the formula under your tongue fifteen minutes before each meal.

If you’d like to learn more about this product, check out my website at www. NuXtrax.com/OptimizeYourHealth,  or reach out to me with any questions!

enjoy a healthy day!


  1. I read your article on retirement.
    I could have written it myself.
    I’ve been retired 2 years after owning a vibrant business for 35 years.
    I retired young. And… I’m kinda lost…
    If nothing else, I was comforted to know my sense of loss of importance, duty, responsibility and tremendously decreased social life… and the melancholy is ‘normal’.
    Thank you so much! Mary Simms

    • Thank you Mary! I hope you are finding new outlets for your talents! I am so busy now, the saying “when did I have time to work” hits home! There are many volunteer opportunities and new ways to use and share your skills. I am sure you will enjoy the journey of finding what best suits you….even a new part time job possibly. I work for myself now making crafts and selling natural items as you can see on my website. Best wishes!

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