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APRIL 1 – Civic Center, We Object to Gorsuch approval rally.

April 15 – Civic Center,  Tax Day Rally ‘Show us your taxes”

April 22- Earth Day Recycling events and March on Climate

April 29 – Civic Center, Science March

 Notary: I can notarize for you!

Recommend the AARP Safe Driving class for those over 60 – might save you on insurance too!  4 hours online, discount for members; learn tips and changes that could affect your driving.  One recommendation is to keep a medical sheet with you in purse or car…if you are unable to tell emergency responders, they will know what medicines you require!  Also, keep a list of your conditions.

Currently I am not producing a newsletter, but hope to in the future.   However, if you wish to received local political and event news, I do send out a weekly newsletter (you just need to ask me to include your email address to receive that).

If you sign up below, I will have your info for the future.  Please follow my Facebook page of the same name so that you can get the latest blog updates!

I do produce a weekly local email newsletter with current and mostly local political events in Denver (let me know if you want to be added to that email distribution list).


Albums from 60-70’s.    anyone collect them?

Bridal and Shirley Temple Dolls and some themed Barbies

Box of Dr Seuss and Other books for children in excellent like new shape.

Set of World Book and Childcraft books, red leather bound encyclopedias, and white Childcraft books in excellent condition.    $85

Foot Bath/Massager   $10

Pampered Chef Items –   I have a few items on hand.   Cookbooks ad more $5 and up

Large Doll House with furnishings (wood with lights and covers that come off)  $200

Oak rocker – $45

(maybe )Oak desk  6 drawers with filing/and lap drawer too.  with black blotter top – $175












  1. I read your article on retirement.
    I could have written it myself.
    I’ve been retired 2 years after owning a vibrant business for 35 years.
    I retired young. And… I’m kinda lost…
    If nothing else, I was comforted to know my sense of loss of importance, duty, responsibility and tremendously decreased social life… and the melancholy is ‘normal’.
    Thank you so much! Mary Simms

    • Thank you Mary! I hope you are finding new outlets for your talents! I am so busy now, the saying “when did I have time to work” hits home! There are many volunteer opportunities and new ways to use and share your skills. I am sure you will enjoy the journey of finding what best suits you….even a new part time job possibly. I work for myself now making crafts and selling natural items as you can see on my website. Best wishes!

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