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When I was in the first grade, we lived in the basement apartment of a dear family in Denver  on Monroe St.   I had also lived there briefly with my parents  after I was born.   My mother babysat their three children back then and when we returned to Denver in 1961, our growing family lived there again for six months.

Their only son, who was about 4 years older than myself, and I formed a business partnership making potholders on metal looms (I think you can still find these).  At only 7 and 11 years of age,  we would ride the Colfax bus downtown to the Woolworth’s store to purchase more loops to fashion our colorful wares.  Then we would go door-to-door in our neighborhood and sell our potholders for probably about 10 cents apiece.

That was the start of my entrepreneurial life which continues today!  One of my reasons for this website is to highlight all of my various product lines, but also to share information and resources, and to blog about many topics of interest, and to share information and thoughts with you. Most of my product line is in healthy products with fresh, natural and organic ingredients.

While I worked as a single mom to support my son from 5-18 years of age,  I also began selling products including handmade items. I have worked for many well-known companies over the years but many of their products do not meet my health standards.  So my current product lines are  more health-focused.

 I  also love creating handmade items!  If you would like to see my handmade items, please check out my Artfully Stitched page here or on Facebook.    I  make items to order for size/color.

I can also teach you one-on-one (crochet, knit and embroidery) for a fee and supplies!   

In addition to product sales, other passions of mine include communication, creativity, organizing, and a sense of humor. In 2004, I attended two conferences on Professional Organizing, and launched my Organize to Energize business, helping people in their homes to clear out clutter, to move energy using feng shui, and to tackle paperwork by using a color-coded, easy-to-use filing system.  I can also create a resource list for you including all your famiy, friends, doctors, and other important numbers.  I am happy to assist you too!

In the 90’s I took many classes in alternative health modalities, and my interest in that area piqued my involvement in the push for safer regulations of  our skin care industry through the Women’s Lobby of Colorado.  I continue to have a passion for healthier and safer options for all areas of our lives and wish to promote that!   The United States does little to regulate chemical-laden products, and it is causing  a rise in health issues.  We are saturated with non-healthy choices!  My website will providing thought-provoking  resources to encourage healthier choices.

Also, I believe our health has been compromised by the use of GMO’s and processed, fast foods.   From furnishings, cleaning products, and food, we are harming ourselves and Mother Earth.  That is why I sell Lemongrass Spa Products and Young Living Essential Oils, which are fresh, natural and organic options for better skin care and health.

Since communicating is my focus, my website will be  a place to share my  ideas, resources, and tips via my blog and product lines.  As a spiritual person, and one committed to making the world a better place, I will also include some of my personal spiritual  and political ideas. I believe everyone has their own spiritual journey, so my goal is  to share mine, not to change or discourage your belief systems.  Perhaps my ideas will inspire you to learn and take some new actions.

Thank you for visiting and discoursing with me!  I hope you find some helpful resources, tips and products here that pique your interest! I strongly encourage reading and learning more on your own.  You can also track my site on my Facebook Page.


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