Toxins in Our Environment

For my first topic, since it is October (Breast Cancer Awareness month) and  I have lost many friends and family members to cancer, including my mother last year, I am promoting the PREVENTION of cancer, not the cure!

Frankly, after seeing the movie Pink Ribbons, I feel that the pink theme is overused and primarily used as a tool to make money for the companies promoting it.  Many of these same companies actually sell products that contain harmful ingredients, be it food or skin care.   Perhaps they are actually contributing to the causation of cancer?   First, they need to clean up their acts!  I will not contribute to them and I will no longer buy their products!

One reason I promote and sell healthy products is that so many ingredients we have in our lives are laden with chemicals and harmful toxins. It is no wonder that cancer rates are  increasing, as well as other autoimmune diseases.   I will leave GMO’s to another blog at a later date.   Also, I promote eating REAL WHOLE foods (not processed), and to cook with organic ingredients as much as you can.  Clear the toxins from your cupboards!  Cook for yourself as much as you can because when you do it will have less salt and sugar and most likely taste better!  Please begin reading labels on food and all items you purchase and if you don’t recognize the ingredients, it might be harmful (google it and find out).

Here is one article that addresses 102 chemicals that might concern you!

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