Can we really be passing week 7?  This week I experienced some loneliness. I realized I haven’t had a hug in 7 weeks! And you are supposed to have more than one a day! That means I am about 50 hugs behind!   I have seen a few friends, at a distance mind you, with masks on, but mostly I am home alone.  And even though I have lived much of my adult life alone, pre and post child, so it isn’t new to me, and normally it doesn’t bother me often, however, this time is not the same. We don’t know how long it will last nor if it will happen again more often for awhile.

Being alone is not the same as when I worked and was excited to spend the weekend catching up at home and enjoying some time alone.  It’s not even like my monthly “me” day when I go to get a massage, pedicure or my hair done. It’s not self-imposed. And it’s not the same as having someone around to talk to, to share your fears and day with. My cats certainly provide some cuddles and entertainment, but they don’t have much to say, other than ‘feed me’.   I am glad I at least have them around for sure.

It also occurred to me that I’ve been reading and watching some love stories recently.  That may contribute to my loneliness and I should alter my genre!  Then today I watched a dog story that had a sad ending.  Guess it’s back to documentaries and political books.  I can channel my loneliness into anger.

And even when I do venture out for errands, it’s not the same. You have to wear a mask, maneuver your way around people on paths or in stores to avoid them.  On aisles in the store you play dodge the cart in the aisle.  Instead of being friendly, you avoid people. So much for being friendly! You smile and realize they can’t even see your smile behind your mask!  You could stick your tongue out, and they wouldn’t even know it.

One happy moment this week happened when my new grand niece was born.  She’s in South Carolina, so I can’t see or hold her but that would be the same regardless of the current situation. What a time to be born in, but she won’t remember it.

All weekend I worked on more masks, and then today as I was trying to finish a couple of more, my old machine decided to give me trouble. Now I have to venture into a repair shop and get it fixed. That was a big glitch in my plans to finish up more and take one to my sister.  Hopefully it won’t take long or be too expensive to repair.  It is an old machine, but sturdy and has held up over about 40 years. (see my page Artfully Stitched for items I make…I have many on hand to sell)

Since I am pretty good at organizing paperwork (see my organize to energize page), I will be helping my sister this week to organizer hers!   She will like the pretty file folders I got and it should be fun to get it all nice and tidy to make it easy to use.  It’s a good time to clean out files, drawers, cupboards, etc.  I do a bit now and then, but wonder if ARC is making any pickups these days?  They even take magazines so it’s a good way to recycle them and let others enjoy them.

Soon more things will be opening up again. Will we feel safe?  I think it will be a test, and a gradual process. I fear if its done too fast the rates of illness may go back up, and any vaccines are a long way off.  We’ll see how many of these nutcases holding these rallies get sick.  It’s too bad that many of the Wisconsin voters have fallen ill due to the stupidity of the government there making them go in person.

Please take a moment to call your Congressman about voting by mail and also financing the Post office. It could fail and currently is self-funded. We need it and we need to be able to vote safely!  Have a good week.

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