This past week I was more tired, worried, angrier and very upset over personal news as well as the news on TV. I found out my grandson’s mother tested positive for covid (she is in healthcare in AZ and had worked on covid patients) and my grandson was somewhat ill again too. We think he had it, or has it again, but they wouldn’t test him!  So, they are both getting IV’s and are quarantined. I had hoped to see him this week as my son was going to retrieve him from AZ where he’s been since mid-March, mostly recovering from pneumonia and being sick a month. Now I don’t know when.  Then my son’s car wouldn’t start yesterday, so not the Mother’s Day I anticipated.  I picked up the meal he had ordered for me and enjoyed that, but again another holiday messed up. At least I wasn’t alone like Easter. Today I was lucky enough to get a test and it was negative!

There are many things to be angry about!  First, as Denver began opening up last week, the traffic became worse too and people are driving like maniacs. I have seen several near hit misses, speeding, and running of red lights.  And the stores are more crowded, and many aren’t wearing masks outside or inside!  Luckily when a sister and I went to a plant nursery, most were wearing masks but it was so crowded, it was hard to keep a distance and the prices were high. 

Speaking of prices, they are rising and some are just being greedy!  I have used King Arthur flour for many years and love it. I haven’t been able to find it on the shelves, except finally two small bags today. I priced it on Amazon, and for a bag that I normally pay $5-6, was $18!  I would not buy it…robbery!  And many people, including me, don’t have their stimulus checks yet. I am not in dire need, but some folks are and it was brought up on a town hall call recently with no good answer. And this administration is asking for some of the money back, and refusing to give it to families who may have one immigrant member.  

Furthermore, I had to put my sewing machine in the repair shop last week and its been a week and no word on cost or when it will be done. I need to be making more masks for people that have wanted them!  And dealing with medical supplies and doctors has been more challenging too.  Luckily, I don’t need any yet, but toilet paper is still out of stock, while many other items seem to be better stocked than in prior weeks.

And then there was the daily news from this incompetent administration that angered and saddened me all week!   Seriously folks!  They are going to let Flynn off after he pled guilty two times and ‘45’ was warned by Obama not to hire him?!   Now I am hearing 45 is on a revenge spree spreading a new conspiracy that Obama, Comey and the FBI tried to frame Flynn basically. He warned 45 not to hire Flynn and now 45 wants to turn it around on him!  Ludicrous!

 And then the incredible horrific modern-day-lynching of a young black jogger.  It’s hard to comprehend that many of these senseless shootings are happening all the time, and many of the shooters go scot free.   Racism and misogyny are running rampant. It’s ugly and I hate it.  And shortly after the news reported that more minorities and seniors were getting coronavirus, the ‘right’ talking heads and Fox news began their push to open up states and to protest staying home.  The “Me Generation” has gone to far…no one cares about anyone but themselves?    

Freedom Works (tea party starter group) published how to protest. And these ignorant people are not wearing masks, are in large groups, and worst of all, are brandishing assault weapons which should be illegal to intimidate the public.  What would happen if it was a black group of protesters with this kind of weapon, Nazi signs etc.?  We all know it wouldn’t be allowed for five minutes!  White crowds shouldn’t be able to  get away with this ugly behavior.

Furthermore, there was the executive order to make meat workers go back to work.  Did you know that China gets 30% of our meat?  And that China owns the Smithfield plant?  And that many of the workers are minorities and tested positive for the virus?  I say boycott meat; it’s healthier for us and the planet to eat more vegetarian anyway.

And to top it off, they want to reduce the payroll tax on social security…not to help but to decimate social security so they can privatize it.

And red states are refusing to keep or give data of the number of corona viruses!  Think of what we could learn if every person known to be positive got a questionnaire to see where they work, what places they frequent, if they have pets, what symptoms they have, etc. that might lead us to where the virus is coming from and how it is spreading.  We could begin to track commonalities for the future.  Of course, you realize that no vaccines have been created for SARS,  MERS, the common cold and Covid-19, all corona viruses?   Should we believe that they will really be able to invent one this time?  We can’t even get the flu vaccine right every year as the strain changes.

Will there be a cover-up over this pandemic?  The corporations continue to get bailouts as small businesses fail. Have you noticed that the stores that are open are large chains?  The Targets, Walmart’s, chain restaurants, Home Depot, etc.  In the past, presidents coming into office have just let past transgression go without investigations or indictments. If we are lucky enough to elect someone new, will he just ignore the atrocities of this administration?  Is 45 setting the stage for a cover-up by not keeping records, etc.?

What’s with the people refusing to wear masks and attacking those asking them to wear one?  Horrific shooting by one man whose daughter refused to don a mask; father of 8 slain for no good reason.  Why is it taking away your freedom?  Freedom to get sick? Or to infect others?  Do you think stop signs should go away too?  We live together in this world and we must look out for each other!   It’s a small thing that may help save lives. I say do it!  I do and I make masks for others too.  Here’s an article about masks 100 years ago with some of the same issues we face today:

And aside from masks, our healthcare workers still aren’t getting the supplies they need!

  • It’s been 111 days since the first American tested positive for COVID-19
  • Our country has the most cases in the world of COVID-19
  • We just surpassed 80,000 reported deaths and experts are saying a majority of states are not getting better
  • And our government still hasn’t provided the protective equipment and supplies our health care workers need to fight this pandemic

And, yes, I am angry that our country doesn’t have healthcare for all, and this administration wants to wipe out the A.C.A.  What a good time to do that?! Having medical care should be the least of our worries during a pandemic much less every day. I hope these times of unemployment and illness will open many people’s eyes to the need for it finally. Yes, you might get coverage from your employer, but as you can see now, your job is not guaranteed, nor is your healthcare.  It should not be tied together, it should be a human right and every state should have the same plan and coverage. And it should be affordable for all. Period.

Yes, I am still angry! And that’s enough anger for one week.  

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