America could do better with more Senators like Bob Dole!  May he rest in peace. The term statesman/woman should refer to ALL of our Senators and Reps.  They ought to be the ‘best of the best’ and the brightest of us, elected to serve our country and their constituents, not  just in office for  personal gain, power and filling their pocketbooks from lobbyists and special interest groups.  While I am not conservative,  I honor those who stand up for what’s right, the disabled, for civil rights, and for our democratic ideals!  Some of our current elected officials should be replaced by those who would serve our country, not themselves!  They would do well to learn and mimic the visions and ideals of our past committed Statesmen/women.  Dare I say at this time, our country, our democracy requires it if we wish to continue this grand experiment!

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