I suspect you may be like me and rarely run toward change for change’s sake. Sometimes, it catches me off guard.   A few people seem to embrace change more than I do, at least in changing jobs.  I stayed with the same company almost 39 years until they downsized me, which turned out fine in the long run but hurt at first and changed my financial outlook somewhat. Most of us prefer change when we initiate it, at least it is easier to adjust to it if its something we initiated.  We often fear change because of the unknown outcome.  Sometimes change is even good, or even better than we expected especially in retrospect.  We may not see the good in the change at the time, like losing a job or a relationship, but later we can see that it was for the best, or we learned something from the challenge and made the best of the situation.

In the past year, I decided to make some changes in service providers. One was not my choice because she quit her practice (MAT – muscle activation technique and massage) due to health issues with herself and her husband, who died of cancer later that year.  I loved going to her and had referred many others to her, but she had moved further across town and that commute was my main dislike.    I tried a few practitioners out when I felt the need for my body which relied on it monthly for many years.  MAT is specialized form of muscle testing and there are not so many that do that in addition to massage, some only MAT.  I count on that modality to keep my hips and body tuned up and   go monthly and went without for several months.  So, I was happy to find someone who does both massage and MAT and isn’t as far away, although it costs a bit more.  So that was one change that has  worked out pretty well.

Then, I had become unhappy with my hairdresser of many years.  His rates were good and kept me going to him longer than I should have.  It is really hard to find a trustworthy hairdresser whom you get along with, who does a good job and is affordable. Prices have really gone up!  I was unhappy with the former hairdresser as he always ran late, cancelled at last minute, and didn’t always want to do what I wanted with my hair. But the last straw was his comments to me and on his phone (yes, he took calls while working on me too!) that were very conservative ones that I disagreed with and could no longer tolerate. Consequently, I tried some groupon coupons at a discount and went to five different people before I found one that I liked and could converse with, could afford, and followed what I wanted.  Again, a bit more cost and a bit further away, but it was a very good move.

For about seven years, I’ve been going to a jazzercise studio about three miles from home, once or twice a week.  It closed for about four months during covid, and by the time it reopened I had picked up a zoom yoga class twice a week, so I began only going to one morning jazzercise class pre week for the past year. I had also been doing a senior chair yoga class at the nearby recreation center for a couple of years and made some friends there but that stopped during covid and has not returned with the same instructor (in her 90s’), but they have  other  instructors for yoga now.

Recently, we got word that the jazzercise studio was closing and someone else was opening a new one seven miles from me.  It would mean more time on the road in busy rush hour traffic. The times are not as conducive to my schedule, the distance is further, and I don’t love the ‘new’ music so much. Plus, my joints are achy and that kind of movement is likely not the best for them at this stage of my life.  Therefore, I looked into the senior programs at a few recreation centers closer to home. I can go to them for FREE, and much closer and frankly a very good work out, with less strain on my joints and I like the music better!  Again, another change thrust upon me, but one that I think will work out nicely. I will miss some of my jazzercise friends in class, but a few may keep in touch, some even became customers of my crafts and natural products.

Now I am considering a change in doctors.  I had to change due to my Medicare plan a couple of years ago, but I am not totally happy here. Another possible change for my future.

This past Covid Year has brought many changes to our lives…being in lockdown, wearing masks, not seeing friends and family, stores closing, ordering more online, and perhaps picking up more zoom meetings/calls/classes.  Some of these things will stay with us for a while, some may stay forever.  There were many days when the loneliness of Covid was brutal, especially for those living alone, however, it also brought out the worst in some who were living together (fights, abuse, divorce).  I was thankful for my pets’ company and the fact that I have many hobbies, and a connection to the world via the computer and phone.    It would have been quite different if the pandemic had hit us back in say the 1980’s.  And Covid isn’t done with us yet, so we need to do all we can to avoid spreading it.

Change is with us constantly as we age and go through our lives.  Our bodies change, we grow spiritually and mentally (hopefully) and sometimes even our friends change.  Often it is for the better.  I am always adding new friends, and occasionally dropping ones who no long align with me. We must take each day as it comes, expect change, and see what challenges and possibilities it can bring us for further growth, meeting new people, and having unique experiences.

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