This week has been tougher than the first for many reasons.  The first week was rather novel, but now the novelty is gone; replaced by the reality that this could go on for many more weeks.

Then I dealt mostly emotionally with family members having health issues, as I can’t go to be with them, and finding out my massage therapist and husband have the virus. They are healthy and dealing with it at home. To top that off the first person I knew, though not well, has died of the virus.   That makes it more real.  I began stem cell injections on Friday with the medical office taking extra precautions by taking temperature, wearing gloves and masks, etc.  It’s nice just to get out of the house and drive the less-traveled streets to see some different scenery.  I found myself keeping 6 ft from cars too…odd? But shopping depresses me, keeping distance from people and finding empty shelves, and then dealing with cleaning off that which you purchase when you get back home.  It’s nice to walk to the mailbox, except when it was snowing.   See dogs going for a walk but keeping a distance.

I keep up with the news daily and probably too much of it. I put out a newsletter, used to be weekly, then bi-weekly and now it is almost daily as there is so much news to share, and resources to help deal with the pandemic that I want to share, including some jokes. Sometimes the internet is slower than usual. Certainly, watching videos that I never had a chance to see before online….at least some are funny.

Pets are at risk too, not of being sick, but of their families being unable to care for them.  The Dumb Friends League needs foster families and adoptions.  Please make a plan for your pets to be cared for if you have to be hospitalized, and help others by taking theirs in.   Saw a funny cartoon of a dog up on top of the kitchen cupboards, saying he wasn’t coming down because he was tired of every family member walking him. He needed a rest! 

I’ve been busy on line this past week with more webinars: Business, metaphysical, meditation, church services, and tomorrow county assembly.  There is no shortage of u-tube and some Facebook funnies as well.  I urge you to look for topics and groups that host classes that you are interested in exploring.

Then I found out my grandson’s mother’s dialysis office in AZ needs face masks, so I might just do some sewing and found patterns on line. I procrastinated not knowing if the fabric (cotton) I have would work adequately, but I guess they are getting desperate and don’t care so much.  Hope they like some fun prints! I have plenty of extra fabric around, and a bit of elastic. Can make ties if needed.  It is nice to feel you can possibly make a difference. We are in a unique war like we’ve never experienced before.

Baby boomers have been through many things in our lifetime.  We lived through the civil rights movement, the women’s movement, the assassinations of many of our leaders, the War in Viet Nam, 9/11.  The millennials have not experienced these things and will be able to talk about this time someday to their children/grandchildren.  They will learn how to weather tough times. Unfortunately, many of them are already experiencing tough times with student debt, employment, etc.  Luckily many good people have stepped up creating groups to help one another financially, with resources, etc. Neighbors are reaching out to each other with rolls of TP, delivering or shopping for others, and much more.  What things are you making from your empty TP tubes? 

The unknowns are the things that drive me most crazy…

…how long will I be here alone without hugs and much human contact

…how crazy will men get with no sports to watch

…how many people will die, or have lung damage after recovering and will it be anyone I love

…how will small businesses survive, and will my former service providers be able to gear up again

…will I survive..luckily I just updated my will, but what would I be leaving undone. I better get hopping! It’s something I should consider more often, not just now.

…how much of my life will I spend alone when I could be sharing it with others

…will I ever feel like doing my hair, makeup and vacuuming, etc. again. How bad will we all look when this is over?  I saw a cartoon with a foot in a high heel with hairy legs and long curly toenails!

Let’s hope the next week brings more hope…in the meantime here are a few ideas to keep yourselves busy:

  1. Do puzzles
  2. Paint by number, or just paint (walls, pictures, etc.)
  3. Work on ancestry
  4. Organize: alphabetize your spices, your cd’s, your DVD’s (get rid of some in the process)
  5. Volunteer to help where you can and donate all you can to worthy causes!

Stay well, calm, and resourceful!  Stay home!

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