First, certainly I wish all who served our country honor and respect this  Veteran’s day.  My father was in the Air Force for a few years, but never had to go to war. Four uncles went to Europe during WW2 and survived. I have a nephew in the Army currently.
 Secondly, I hope as women gain more power that we can put war behind us and find other ways to settle our differences. Unfortunately, I see wars being promoted by both big business and religions.  The MAGA groups, who profess to be Christians for the most part, are promoting white nationalism and antisemitism and racism.
This week I attended an old 1942 movie that was the Best Picture that year and hailed by Roosevelt and Churchill: Mrs. Miniver.  It was a decent movie but promoting going to war!  Growing up in the Methodist church, we sang Onward Christian Soldiers as a hymn, and I didn’t give it a lot of thought at the time, though the words are very chilling; but hearing it at the end of the movie sent chills down me and brought me to tears!  It actually made me a bit angry and sick and I don’t want to ever sing it again.
Why would one want to sing about going off to war to kill our fellow men/women/children?  It is one of the many problems I have with Christianity…why promote killing and war as they have and other religions have? Why prey on people as many religious groups have over centuries?  It seems like the tenets of most religions do or should preach peace as their main premise.  I don’t think there is one path to truth and have thought of myself as a spiritualist since the 90’s.  And like the movie ,Oh God ,showed, we have been given the intellect and tools to solve most of our problems.  Instead we choose to spend money and resources on war and destruction. We could feed and house the world instead!
And I was  also upset this week that Rep. Rashida Tlaib was censured after many men have said things about the Israel situation and weren’t censured, and they can’t even oust  George Santos. The recent wars have brought even more division to our country, sad to say. I am for a collective consciousness who desires peace!

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