I was surprised at the food options, or lack thereof, during my recent hospital visit and at the surgical center as well. Then  I listened to a young cancer survivor on Lisa Garr’s Awareness Show, who has a great website and cookbook and is doing well. If you are struggling with cancer, or know someone, it might be worth checking out his site and joining his support group.

    Some historic context in my life on this topic.  When I was 12, I was in the hospital for an entire month in the spring  of 1966, with rheumatic fever. At that time, they actually had nutritionists on staff who came by and talked about your dietary needs.  And I was sickly skinny then, like Twiggy. Twenty years ago I had a hysterectomy and I can’t remember (but doubt) if a nutritionist was on hand, but definitely not in my recent Feb. stay this year.  And I was surprised at their menu for a heart ward. There were a few healthy choices, and luckily I could get an organic side salad (not saying much about the dressings), but the bulk were not what I would call very healthy.   And after my two procedures in the surgical center since October, where I had to fast many hours before, afterwards when I was starving, I was offered chips or cheese-its.  I even said something to the nurse…this is what you offer heart patients when I try to reduce my salt?  She agreed. I said why not fruit or healthier options? She had no good answer. Luckily I had brought my own Kind bar the second time that had some protein and a bit more nutrients and ate that.

    Listening to the young man who beat cancer,  I learned that he did research and took his life in his own hands. For a few months he did a raw food diet, I believe rejected chemo as it poisons your body and organs within. He has gone on to share his story, has published cookbooks and has a website to help others through this disease.  He reminded  me that 90% of what’s in the store is processed or junk; it’s best to stick to the outer aisles.  And personally,  I hate the smell of the detergents when I walk in Kings!  I don’t find that at Whole Foods or Natural Grocers, or Sprouts.  Scents are on the bad list too (unnatural ones) which is one reason I sell essential oils and Lemongrass Spa products that are safe from toxins.  Of course smoking is the worst, and I don’t think any of my friends smoke, and please get rid of any  toxic Teflon pans!  There are ceramic, iron, etc. that are safer choices.  I read a list of bad foods the other day and deli meats and hot dogs are the top two.

    The fact that the medical community gets little to no nutrition training is abhorrent!  The reason: there is NO money in it. They’d rather push drugs, chemo, radiation, surgery, etc. Big Pharma wants to make money off of our disease. Other countries have higher standards for their fast food, what is sold, and have less disease than we do.   And I believe there is money in keeping Americans sick by our SAD (standard American diets). We all have options, and can learn; we must be our own advocates.   Check this site out if you wish for cookbook and other information as needed:   Be well!

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