FREE AT LAST!  Phil Valentine, a Tennessee conservative radio talk show host mocked the need for vaccines and masking.  He wrote and performed a song lampooning vaccination initiatives called “Vaxman” (a parody of the Beatles song “Tax Man”).  He may have had an impact, Tennessee is among the worst in vaccination rates.  

In July Valentine became severely ill with Covid and recanted. His family released a statement asking for prayers, and saying that he hoped to soon get on the radio to personally encourage his listeners to get vaccinated.  


He will not get that chance. Today, Phil Valentine died from Covid.  He died on his 62d birthday.


But at least he had his freedom.  (copied from Daily Kos)


Delta doesn’t ask your age, political views, gender, race, religion….it just wants to mutate.  We are lucky to have a vaccine that can prevent its severity, so use it!

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