January: National Organizing Month

If you are like many of us, we start out the new year promising ourselves that this will be the year we get organized!  Those words bring good intentions.  The next step is action!

I recommend you start with the most obnoxious room, closet or drawer in your home.  Each small progress gives us incentive to tackle the larger tasks!   Celebrate, but don’t stop.

Maybe take a calendar and pencil in some dates you want to work on certain phases for this resolution.  Since January tends to be colder and snowier, it’s probably a better time to work on  a closet or room than the garage.

As you begin preparing for tax time, it is a great time to start a box of shredding, and to think about reorganizing paperwork for next year.  The filing system I sell through File Solutions (R) is great…color-coded and I have rarely found a piece of paper that did not fit in one of the categories established.  It makes it so easy for daily filing and tax prep!

Here are some closet tips from Getting Organized Magazine that might help you get a jump start:

Time for a Closet Clean-Out

You might have heard the sage advice:  “If you haven’t worn it in a year- get rid of it.”  The change of seasons is a good time to go through your clothes and purge.  Even if you don’t rotate your seasonal clothes, now is a good time to review your clothes.

  • If they fit and are in good shape and still in style- keep them
  • If they no longer fit- donate them
  • If they need mending- take them in now, or decide to donate/toss them
  • If they are in bad condition- toss them

Other options for your clothing might be:

  • Take them to a consignment store
  • Sell them on eBay or Craigslist
  • Have a clothing swap party with your friends or family
  • Donate them to a charity or non-profit such as Dress for Success

Remember, make organizing and clearing out fun!   Put on some fun clothes and lively music.  Have plenty of bags and containers ready to sort what you are giving, selling and consigning.   If you plan to sell items, take photos, or launder/hang them for consignment.  Consider a way to save the money you make from your sales.   And plan a way to celebrate your success!   Little steps add up to big triumphs!

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