Recently at a couple dining places I’ve been to recently, the wait staff didn’t bring change back from the bill. When asked, they say, “we don’t give change anymore.”  Sometimes it is a big sum of change, and sometimes it isn’t.   But I don’t think it’s a good practice.  It should be stated somewhere in the establishment (on the door or menu?) of this practice so you can plan accordingly. 

For example, last night my ginger ale was $4.35.  They should make it an even $4 or $5 then, because I expected change back.  I could have given her the exact change and she didn’t ask  if I had any, but when I told her to keep the change as a tip,  she said, we don’t give change anyway.  Then, do we assume that is part of their tip or not?  They deserve a tip, they didn’t make the policy either.  I think it’s kind of theft or bad advertising of prices.  Or is it because people don’t know how to give change any more?  More profits?  I don’t buy that there is that big of a change shortage.  Your thoughts? 

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