I’m ok with muskets.  Give everyone a musket like they had when the 2nd amendment was crafted and adopted.  Though, it’s purpose was for “a well-regulated militia,” not what the NRA would now have people believe.
Read the conversation between our founders as they developed it.  They did not intend every citizen to have a weapon; they didn’t even have bullets back then, much less assault weapons!   It’s a lie perpetuated by those who want to make a buck selling weapons.   It certainly wasn’t meant for automatic weapons and for our country to have more guns than people!   
And now we need to have everyone carrying CONCEALED GUNS?   This will be a disaster!   How safe are  will we be?  Someone gets into an altercation at the store, or in traffic?   The two deaths I know of personally with guns, one was killed in a family dispute and one was a suicide.  I loved the parody on late night this week of Jesus with guns.  It just makes no sense! 
Now it is easier to get a gun than for a woman to make a decision about her own body!  We let a handful of people (the Supreme Court 5)  make decisions for 300 million Americans?  We didn’t vote for them!  60% disagree with their positions.  They apparently care more about protecting a zygote than protecting little children in elementary schools!   or us!
(Also, please read  my prior blog on guns which needs updating from 2018 because we have seen so many more shootings:  https://sandysnaturalsolutions.com/commonsense-solutions-to-mass-shootings/)

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