Too many people seem to be against ‘regulations’ recently, including the Supreme Court in their recent decision affecting our clean air.  It was only as recently as Nixon’s administration, that our air quality began to be challenged and corrected.  In Colorado, we are well aware of the ‘brown cloud.’   These regulations are really only ‘safety measures’ that protect us and improve our quality of life. Some items that are regulated are food, water, air, and most products we use, etc.

We all breathe air and drink water and use products regardless of our political parties! We breathe the same air and we drive cars that have newer safety features every year on roads that are regulated. What about air traffic controllers; do you want to fly without them and airplane safety features? What about your job safety?  Do you NOT want to use seat belts or baby car seats any more? Want to do away with OSHA? FDA? FHA? FCC? DO away with the Americans with Disabilities Act that made walking safer for the disabled and much more? This kind of thinking is outrageous!

Specifically, in many items like personal care products, there is less regulation than I’d like to see. In Europe, they don’t even eat the same food (though same brand) that we do because they don’t allow the junk in it that we do, and they regulate personal products much more than the U.S. does. Just read the labels on your products to see the crap that is in them!

Did you know the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is there to inspect our food and right now they allow no more than 75 insect fragments and one rodent hair per 50 grams of your flour? And you pizza sauce can only have 30 fly eggs in each cup! Do you really want to live without any regulations, even those??

Those who oppose regulations, just want to cut corners to make more money in my estimation. But clearly, these safety features have prevented death and injuries, and those who oppose them, need to think again! Deconstructing the administration is not the right answer, including getting rid of the protections that only make our lives safer.

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