Coloradoans: Vote YES on Proposition 112

I am asking voters to vote YES on Prop. 112, a simple, sensible proposition that will provide more safety for our homes and schools by setting fracking distances back 2,500 feet (about 3 more blocks). It doesn’t ban fracking, it just makes our children and families safer!  In the past year homes have exploded. Families who live near fracking sites are experiencing numerous health issues. Do you want your children playing at school only a few hundred feet from fracking sites?


The Oil & Gas industry is spending millions in attack ads which distort the issue which is about making our families safer.  Out of 3,090,800 jobs in Colorado, only 30,400 are in the “Mining & Logging” sector — less than 1% and O&G is a subset of that. In addition, the state is currently taking in less money than it is giving back to O&G, having to cut Colo. Wildlife & Parks programs and taking money from the general fund to keep the COGCC inspectors.


Furthermore, scientists have just reported that we only have about 10 years to control climate change, which means we immediately should be moving away from oil and gas which is a dying industry that is not providing as much revenue in Colorado as purported. We must begin to move away from oil  to renewable energy (which Colorado has plenty of sun and wind) and its destruction to our health and planet!   Meantime we must protect our homes and families by having safer setbacks as a start…vote yes on 112!


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