White Men are Victims…I call BS!

Like millions of women, I found the appointment of Kavanaugh very disturbing and sad day for America.  His demeanor alone should have disqualified him for the job. Dr. Ford was brave enough to share her story and to give validation to other women’s similar stories.  The FBI did a quick and poor job of investigating the allegations. For centuries, women have feared coming forward with their stories of sexual harassment (and most have had at least one instance in their life) because they are disbelieved and made to feel they somehow caused their abuse. This nomination is another way to silence us by a laughing-white-privileged male putting his hand over our mouths to silence us.  And then the President made it even worse by saying that white men are actually the victims!

If White men are victims, what about the 13,000 brown children sitting imprisoned in tents?

If White men are victims, why are black men afraid to be confronted by cops?

If White men are victims, why are women still paid less on the dollar than men?

If White men are victims, why is Puerto Rico still in trouble after a year since the hurricane?

If White men are victims, why are Muslims banned from our country?

If White men are the victims, why are women being imprisoned for miscarriages (maybe the men who impregnated them should be!)?
I could go on, and you could too, but you get the drift…or grift.

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